[Northkeep] re: Virus removal message

The Suarez Family family at suarez-turner.com
Wed May 29 12:08:18 PDT 2002

> The only way I know of to avoid this at this point is to
> moderate the list, since otherwise I find out what's going
> through the system at the same time you all do.

Marc, do as you feel is appropriate and best for the list. You have my
full support.
I am very grateful that you shoulder this responsibility every day.
Thank you.

> So, once again, if you get a message with an attachment -
> DON'T open it unless you are SURE it was sent by the person
> who it was addressed from. Call them on the phone to verify
> if you have to.  If you think it MIGHT be infected, for
> goodness sake, _don't open it_.

Vivat! Absolutely and this cannot be stressed enough!


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