[Northkeep] Fabric Swap Recap

The Suarez Family family at suarez-turner.com
Mon May 6 09:20:10 PDT 2002

I'd like to thank you all for doing this although we didn't get to
attend. Our schedule is such that we took this past weekend off to spend
some much needed time with the children. We had a very good time, and
they had a lot of fun. Stonie Ray is working weekends now, so we will be
seeing less of him, and between our usual Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
obligations I'm not sure when that will be! I also had no "extra" fabric
so I guess I felt that even if I'd had time, I couldn't go without
something to exchange.

I am unsure as to why your attendance was low, but I know that for
myself, I was sorry that I couldn't make it. (Especially since I might
have gotten some pointers on this fabric I used for my dance costume!
Thank you again, Lady Faolan for scheduling and Mistress Talana for
teaching such a class!


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sound where... we suck, so... practice.

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> I want to thank Mistress Talana for teaching a very
> interesting & informative class on fabric identifing.  I know
> myself & the others there got something out of it.
> I also want to thank Talana, Diarmait, Kitty, Susan, Cevanne,
> Bethany, Serena & Istan for making it the the Swap. And
> making it so I couldnt leave empty handed. =)
> But, I dont quiet know how to say this nicely.   As A&S
> minister, I have been
> trying to schedule what has been requested.  But you know it
> is really embarassing to schedule something like this that
> showed so much interest on line & no one but the above showed
> up. Especially after so much effort was made to have it on a
> weekend so more people could come.  I am hoping Mistriss
> Talana didnt feel it was a waste a time, but  it makes me
> much more leary to schedule another class when I cant even
> depend on attendance on things that many showed interest in.
> Faolan
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