[Northkeep] Fabric Swap Recap

Beth @ Stormreaver.net beth at stormreaver.net
Mon May 6 16:02:26 PDT 2002

I'd like to chime in with my Thank Yous to Lady Faolan and Mistress Talana
for organizing and leading the class & fabric swap.  Even though I've been
doing costuming for about 15 years, and have taken some formal sewing
classes offered at a community college... I learned a lot!

The sense of welcome I was given and the open, pleasant instruction was
really wonderful.

Thank you, ladies, for putting in the time and effort.  This is one newcomer
who is planning on sticking around. :-)  And after I came home, happily
warbling about my class and the fabric I swapped for, my sweetie thinks he
might just want to check out the SCA as well...

Looking forward to other classes,

bethany / zubeydah the wanderer

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