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Jerry & Teresa Herring herring at upperspace.net
Mon May 6 17:16:11 PDT 2002

Greetings everyone,

I hope that you have had an opportunity to read the email that M/D wrote. I
feel  that his words although some what harsh (mainly because they were
boldly honest) should serve as a wake up call for us. We here in Northkeep
have long been proud of how well things here go. We have over the Winter
grown a little soft and need to renew our dedication to this game we play
and to Northkeep itself. I do not want to be known as one of those braggarts
so please come out and help me show people how good the Barony of Northkeep
really is.

I don't want people to think that I see the world thru rose colored glasses,
I stopped wearing those about a year ago. I know that Northkeep is not a
perfect place but as far as the SCA goes it is really pretty close. We
maintain a high standard of civility and honor here. Our people work hard to
provide fun events, they work hard so the Barony can have nice things, they
work hard to educate themselves and those we entertain at demos, they work
hard at providing the food and hospitality that we have become famous for.
All of that work does not go with out some play too. If nothing else can be
said they people of Northkeep know how to have fun together no matter what
they are doing. We play hard, usually at the same time we are working.  It
is our dedication to that work ethic that has lagged in the past months. If
we do not strive to rekindle it we could fall from grace.

The Barony of Northkeep needs you all to succeed. Your purchasing of a Saga
helps put money in the coffers, your attending a class expands your
knowledge of the Middle Ages, everything you do affects Northkeep in some
way. In that same sense everything you don't do affects Northkeep as well.

For to long the same faces have been seen baring the bulk of this groups
work. Now is the time to step up and do your share. You will be amazed how
rewarding and refreshing being involved in this Barony can be. The Core
group of Northkeep is a little tired and it does need an interjection of New
Blood. All of you New people out there now is the time to step up, cast off
any shy feelings and jump in with both feet. Show up at a meeting or class
just to take part, volunteer to handle something you have never done before.
Help will be there for you but you can get your feet wet sitting on the

I am not telling you that you have to do what people like Mistress Talanna,
Master Beorthlic or HE Catherine do. What I am saying is that now is the
time for you to start getting involved. The fierce spirit of Northkeep has
always challenged itself and it is time to teach that to our new members.

Those new members will need help and guidance. Those of you out there who
have been in for a while, who might have been skirting being involved, need
to come out of the shadows and walk in the sun for while. You might be
surprised how good it feels to know you were the one that set up the list
field the king just walked onto, or that it was your helping hands that
raised the pavilion that is proving shade to the Baron and Baroness and
their guests. There are any number of other helpful tasks you can lend your
self to. You also might be surprised how people will warm up to you after
being involved in activities such as attending classes or bardic circles.
You might like teaching the new players about the old ways and telling them
how to set those tent stakes so the wind doesn't blow them away in the
night. I remember a time when people couldn't pull into a camp with out
others coming out to help them unpack or set up their tents.I have not seen
that for a while but maybe it is time to return to those days.

Northkeep is a great place...why...because me make it so. We strive to get
along despite our differences, not only with ourselves but with all the
other groups in the SCA. We pull out all of the stops to give a group of
excited young scouts or students a show at a demo, we put on a good fight in
the ring, we strive and strive to rise the bar. Lately that bar has gotten a
little heavy for the few of us that have been carrying it. I have all the
faith in the World that now that we know there is an issue that we will
adjust.  Before long others will rise up to bear that bar higher than we
ever thought we could take it.

Sorry for all the length when I get inspired you just never know where it
will lead. I look forward to seeing where this leads...

Kindest Regards,
Laird Ian Dun Gillan

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