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Dunno, I happen to agreee with Marc.... I work to schedule a class people
are wanting.. next thing we know no one shows up for the class but the
officers and maybe one regular. So I can see his side of the coin very

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> Marc/Diarmaid
> (and all of those others out there reading along)
> That was a very inspirational rant, not nearly as bad as I expected. You
> really should work on your press : )
> First, thank you for sharing your comments and opinions with us all. I
> admit that I have felt remiss in some of my SCA play and educational
> endeavors. I will not make excuses but I have had some interjecting
> circumstances as I am sure many people have. As soon as my Car is back to
> functioning state I will gladly make amends for my absences at meetings
> classes, as I am sure others with in the Barony will also.
> Now given all that you said what would you recommend we do to rectify the
> issues you have pointed out?
> Maybe WE  all can work together to make something very positive out of
> situation?
> What about the rest of you lurking out there do you have any input to this
> situation/issue?
> Please let us hear from you too.
> Kind Regards,
> Laird Ian Dun Gillan
> Seneschal of Northkeep
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