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Alton lePeto altonscompany at hotmail.com
Mon May 6 17:31:41 PDT 2002

Marc/Diarmaid said:
>You people are supposed to be part of a Community.  Communities work
> >together, look beyond their own petty interests and make an effort to
>help each >other, and help the Group.  Some of you know that already and
>live it, and admittedly, some of you are just tired of being "one of the
>few, the >proud". But you know what, the "core group" has never really
>exceeded 10-20 >people at any give time -- while population's skyrocketed.

>If you can't be bothered to get involved in what's going on around >you,
>you probably shouldn't be upset when no one's really interested in getting
>involved with you.


Can I get an Amen!

Diarmaid is right: Why is it you see more or less the same folks at events
taking care of business?  Year after year, from shire to Barony its the same
core group of people who put in the hours and hours of manual labor and
planning that make our events happen.  Every Sunday afternoon, post event,
its almost always the same clean up/take down crew.  Washing the last pots
from feast, sweeping and mopping the halls, drudging out the toilets,
picking up litter left by others, and taking down the pavillion.  Its not
exciting or dashing but its really the bones of what making these things
work is all about.  Elbow grease and getting crud under your nails.
We have Castellan coming up in less than a month.  If your really interested
in being an actual part of this barony and you've never stayed for Sunday
clean up, please stick around.  If nothing else we will remove that parasite
sticker off your membership card :-)

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