[Northkeep] Classes and stuff

Edward Candland ecandland at earthlink.net
Mon May 6 18:42:06 PDT 2002

I think Diarmaid makes some good points and I can totally understand how it
must be frustrating to put in the effort to prepare for a class, have a good
response from people who say they wish to attend and then have a very low
turn out. I also think it's great to try to inspire people to do more in the
SCA. In my case there has been the occasion where I just flaked out and in
the future I'll make a better attempt. But more times it's a matter of not
working a 9-5 job and getting home too late to make it. As for weekends I
only have 3 weekends out of 9 off, that and the fact that my fiancé lives in
Grimfells. Last weekend I went to an event there (March Warden), told
everyone I was from Northkeep and helped out when ever it was needed. I'm
new to
the SCA (about 3 years) and my attendance has been very spotty. I have
played with 3 groups and all had pretty much a core group with some that
played off and on. I guess the point to this is that just because someone
isn't as involved as some of the core members it doesn't always mean they
don't care. Some of us have lives that just aren't very flexible. As for the
Saga I'll send my subscription in this week. Even if I can't make it to that
many functions I do really appreciate all the hard work everyone
does..Thanks Fáelán mac Cathail,

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