[Northkeep] Fabric Swap Recap

Anthony Lackey catan at webzone.net
Wed May 8 17:57:24 PDT 2002

I must confess I found it a bit disappointing that only 2 people came to my
fabric buying/Drape & Pillage class (ok, Diarmaid & Lynn came to lend moral
support and company, but I think they were being nice).  Perhaps I didn't give
enough notice, but a number of people said they'd show up and did not (thank you
Istvan & Serena for being there!).  I don't want to sound whiny, but if I had a
dime for everyone who's asked me to teach a class that they really want to
attend, I could buy enough fabric to outfit a whole generation of newcomers.
    I'm willing to do this again if there was a big timing conflict, but I'd like
everybody to think about this for your own sakes: Ask yourself what classes you
really feel you need to learn what you want to know in the SCA.  Now ask yourself
how many of those exact kinds of classes have been held in this area in the last
year.  Then ask yourself if you attended 1.any 2.some, or 3. many of them.
    If the number of answers to the second question is significantly larger than
the number of answers to the third question, consider how that affects your
learning experiences and enjoyment level in the SCA.


FalanMacF at aol.com wrote:

> I want to thank Mistress Talana for teaching a very interesting & informative
> class on fabric identifing.  I know myself & the others there got something
> out of it.
> I also want to thank Talana, Diarmait, Kitty, Susan, Cevanne, Bethany, Serena
> & Istan for making it the the Swap. And making it so I couldnt leave empty
> handed. =)
> But, I dont quiet know how to say this nicely.   As A&S minister, I have been
> trying to schedule what has been requested.  But you know it is really
> embarassing to schedule something like this that showed so much interest on
> line & no one but the above showed up. Especially after so much effort was
> made to have it on a weekend so more people could come.  I am hoping Mistriss
> Talana didnt feel it was a waste a time, but  it makes me much more leary to
> schedule another class when I cant even depend on attendance on things that
> many showed interest in.
> Faolan
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