[Northkeep] Reveling

The Suarez Family family at suarez-turner.com
Wed May 8 21:54:39 PDT 2002

Thus proving that some of us don't know details about what others are
interested in if that's not where our own interests lie, I guess. <G>

I haven't a *clue* what is necessary for shoe making (shame on me) and I
am sure that Dairmaid doesn't know much about what it takes to Middle
Eastern dance either. So I am guessing that there is a need for tables
and such for shoemaking (?), and I'm pretty certain that Faolan's back
yard isn't an ideal Drum and Dance Circle place. (Besides, it would be
more work for her and she's overworked now!) However BOTH points that
were made are valid.

If there's a conflict in scheduling simple local classes, monthly
circles and such maybe we need to start considering if the two things
could be combined. This would give both class/gathering more
participants. Even if someone only wanders through for a few minutes
that doesn't mean that they might not see something that appeals to them
so they might participate more fully the next time.

The monthly, well, now twice a month I guess, Drum and Dance Circles
have been very like revels. We usually eat (even if it's bringing
snacks), there's TON of fellowship both before and after (and plenty
during for those not actually drumming and dancing). This last time,
Machreth brought his guitar, so now we have a stringed instrument
blending in with the drumming and there were 5 of us dancing! Since I
believe that the main Drum and Dance Circle is being held at a park for
the next three months, perhaps it would be a good idea for people to
plan to come out and "revel" at the same time. Some people will already
be there, it's already in a park, and I have heard that there are some
really good things for children to do at the chosen park. (I'm sorry, I
can't recall which one off the top of my head!)

I think that Zenobia was merely trying to take your idea to heart,
Dairmaid, and remind folks that there are opportunities with already
existing classes/gatherings on the schedule that could EASILY also be

It's a start. I say let's look at any and all options for spending time
together as a group.


> >I realize this conflicts with Diarmaid's shoemaking class,
> but why >not
> >work on shoes at the park?
> You could always have dance practice in Faolan's back yard, too.

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