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Greetings -
Forgive me for what I am about to say, but there are and have been times that
I could not agree with the gentlemen that is bowing out more. Northkeep is
indeed clickish. Northkeep has always had that problem. If you were "in" with
one group then you were not "in " with another one. Sorry folks that is part
of Northkeep history all the way back to the House of purple/ House
Winecrest/ Ect... days. I can remember Isabelle telling me all about the
problems that Livia and Selwyn had when they were seneschal with it, and I am
sure that there have been people since that have had the same problem. Its is
a fact of life. You may not always realize that you are doing it, but when it
comes to newcomers, you make them feel as if they have to prove their worth
to play with you. Then the joy of playing is not on the agenda, but who's
political band wagon they will be on, and so on and so on and such. The
feeling of Family is not there, its a "back stabbing, back biting little
political group that could not get along with each other if their lives
depended on it" and I have heard that from many of the players late night
talking at events. Ok so the problem is what?? As one of the Dino players of
the barony has said many times, " Can't we all just get off of our high
horses, and remember what it was like to be a newbie again??" Case and point,
and then I will shut up. I can remember going to a Namron event where I came
along Mistress Catherine, who most wonderfully invited me to play again with
the Barony any time I could, that I was a good thing to have around. I was
missed. About 2 years later, I came to a populace. ( this is not to say that
I did not play in the kingdom at the time, as I did and had many friends that
I saw from Northkeep). I sat in the back, was coldly greeted, went to the
pizza place after and there were 3 people that spoke to me. Tamara, Magnus
and Nikki. I have known Tamara for years, however I have known most of you
for longer.  Ok so I figure that now I will get raked over the fire multiple
times. I have before and so its nothing new.
Well, that is my rant. Say what you will, but as we have all said, History
repeats itself.
Lady Susannah Blackthorne, AOA, APF
Apprentice to H. E.  Mstrss Roz

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