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Fri May 24 07:04:39 PDT 2002

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I realize that most of us who play in this game want to believe it some sort of utopian situation where there are no cliques and everyone feels welcome. That is never the case. We are people just like everyone else in the world and whether you like to believe it or not we all fall into our little cliques and groups of like minded people. And it is not in NK only and it is not in the SCA only, that is human nature. If you say that you ahve never snubbed anyone, I would be very doubtful, everyone does it.  If you like doing something enough you will eventually find the clique(and that is not necessarily a bad word) into which you fit. It may take some time. It is that way with any social group activity be it work, school, or hobbies. We say hello to new people, introduce ourselves and then let them find where they fit. If we did it the other way someone would leave because we were too pushy. You can't please everyone, this game is not everyone's cup of tea. The social strata exists just like in the rest of life. I think it is time to understand that we are who we are. We're human. (Well most of us) :)
Lord Angus Macdhaid Gunn
Squire to Sir Alrick Canin

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