[Northkeep] A possible solution

ainarm at cox.net ainarm at cox.net
Fri May 24 07:47:33 PDT 2002

A quick reply to Tamberlin's post.  One of the things we are seriously looking at is increasing the number of things we do.  Starting with the thing on the 4th at our house.  We could do A&S classes like Mooneschadowe does and have them once a week.  However, as Marc and other have stated, it is uncomfortable when you work up a class and go through all the effort to get things ready and then no one shows up.  I went to Mooneschadowe and put on a class on Viking weapons and tactics.  Now I admit it is not something that a lot of folks are into.  I had one person take the class.  A bit of a put off but they have two classes at least each Tuesday and the class opposite of mine was much more interesting.  It happens.
So if we are going to do more things then we need to have participation in them or the people trying to put them on just get unhappy.  And if we don't have them then people say that we don't do anything.  We are going to try to have a revel/moot at least once a quarter here in the future.  If you want to have classes during the week other than the shoe class and generic "needleworkers" meetings.  Which by the way are open to any sort of work that can be done.  I don't have a clue why someone would have said not to bring something to work on like quilting.  I was not aware that quilting was period so come show me how it was.  I would be interested in knowing.
If folks want to do classes get with me or the A&S minister and set something up.  There are people out there that will come.  And there are folks that won't.
Well this isn't quick and I still am working on the overall response to things.  Hopefully I will get it done soon.

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