[Northkeep] A possible solution

ainarm at cox.net ainarm at cox.net
Fri May 24 07:52:40 PDT 2002

Wow, once a week?  Ok if you think you can pull it off and if people are willing to show up, and you can find somewhere to do it. Go for it.
Mercedes and I will probably not be able to make much on Friday and Sat. nights for the next couple of months.  Between events and weddings we are pretty tied up every weekend until the end of July.
But come to Lillies and have fun with us up there :)
> I know that the schedule is very full. I know that
> there are a lot of events in the North. I was just
> looking over the event calendar and I think that there
> is room for a Friday or Sat. night *thing* every month
> for the next 4 months. What says everyone??
> Zahava


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