[Northkeep] A possible solution

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Fri May 24 09:32:36 PDT 2002

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> .
> I know that the schedule is very full. I know that
> there are a lot of events in the North. I was just
> looking over the event calendar and I think that there
> is room for a Friday or Sat. night *thing* every month
> for the next 4 months. What says everyone??
> Zahava

       I certinly would like to have more chances to hang out with my
friends.  I agree that Tamberlin makes some good points.  On the other hand
when you have events 3 weekends out of the month and then schedule local
things on the one free weekend something has to give.  So I wouldn't be
surprised if we get a decent turnout for the first one or two then hrdly
anyone after that.  it seems to be the pattern.


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