[Northkeep] A possible solution

The Suarez Family family at suarez-turner.com
Fri May 24 10:26:00 PDT 2002

 Well. Some varied responses. I have received several private responses
also. I thank you ALL for all of your responses to what was, yes, a
reaching out to express my self, and to show my unhappiness. I never
said that everyone had been mean to me, and that's not true in any case.
I did specify 3 different instances in the past 18 months where I felt
very rebuffed and blown off when I did go out and try to be a part of
the Northkeep community.
 I also never said I was just plain leaving. I said that I understood
why the writer of the forwarded email would feel unwelcome and leave,
and I do. I was hoping to show people in general how hurtful some words
(or lack thereof) can be so that we could find a solution. I think the
idea of having a revel monthly is a good one. Thank you, Zahava, for the
 So what if no one shows some months? The whole point is to HAVE it and
so that people can show up who have the time and energy and that
Northkeep as a community has that foundation. We will all know that
there is populace on X date and monthly revel on X date along with
whatever else is on the calendar that month. Attendance will ebb and
flow, and that's normal and healthy. As long as everyone tries and knows
that it is a safe place to come and strengthen our bonds of friendship
and community as well as begin to know different or new people, I
believe it will help to heal  Northkeep as a whole.
 I also want to remind everyone that the next 3 Drum and Dance Circles
are already established in a park. Why not say Drum and Dance from 7-8,
and Revel starts at 8 (for example since I cannot remember exact times)?
It's a thought, an additional place to put a monthly revel/gathering.
 To help show that I am willing to try (yet again), and that I want a
solution, I'd even offer my smallish back yard for a revel. (Machreth is
strangling at work upon reading this, but he knew it was coming! LOL) We
are free most Friday nights. The backyard is too. When do you want to
have one?

Sincerely and in peace,

> > I know that the schedule is very full. I know that
> > there are a lot of events in the North. I was just
> > looking over the event calendar and I think that there
> > is room for a Friday or Sat. night *thing* every month
> > for the next 4 months. What says everyone??
> >
> > Zahava
>        I certinly would like to have more chances to hang out
> with my friends.  I agree that Tamberlin makes some good
> points.  On the other hand when you have events 3 weekends
> out of the month and then schedule local things on the one
> free weekend something has to give.  So I wouldn't be
> surprised if we get a decent turnout for the first one or two
> then hrdly anyone after that.  it seems to be the pattern.

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