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Miriam Cook zahavabathannah at yahoo.com
Fri May 24 10:58:35 PDT 2002

I like the idea of combining the dumming and the
revel-- but for those of us who need to be awake a
stupid-thirty in the morning for work, weekday nights
are sometimes difficult.  That's why I prefer a

I'd be happy to go out to your place-- and as an
alternative... I'm going ask my husband what he thinks
about us using our yard.

How about June 29th?? according to the calendar the
only things happening are:
Guardian of the Tor - Dragonsfire Tor (Stephenville,
Mid-Summer Faire XII - Gates Edge (Houston, TX)


>  I also want to remind everyone that the next 3 Drum
> and Dance Circles
> are already established in a park. Why not say Drum
> and Dance from 7-8,
> and Revel starts at 8 (for example since I cannot
> remember exact times)?
> It's a thought, an additional place to put a monthly
> revel/gathering.
>  To help show that I am willing to try (yet again),
> and that I want a
> solution, I'd even offer my smallish back yard for a
> revel. (Machreth is
> strangling at work upon reading this, but he knew it
> was coming! LOL) We
> are free most Friday nights. The backyard is too.
> When do you want to
> have one?
> Sincerely and in peace,
> Sioned
> > > I know that the schedule is very full. I know
> that
> > > there are a lot of events in the North. I was
> just
> > > looking over the event calendar and I think that
> there
> > > is room for a Friday or Sat. night *thing* every
> month
> > > for the next 4 months. What says everyone??
> > >
> > > Zahava
> >
> >        I certinly would like to have more chances
> to hang out
> > with my friends.  I agree that Tamberlin makes
> some good
> > points.  On the other hand when you have events 3
> weekends
> > out of the month and then schedule local things on
> the one
> > free weekend something has to give.  So I wouldn't
> be
> > surprised if we get a decent turnout for the first
> one or two
> > then hrdly anyone after that.  it seems to be the
> pattern.
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