[Northkeep] Margrave/Vormond VIII Winners and lost and found

Elizabeta of Rundel rundel_seneschal at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 19 09:49:33 PST 2002

As the list of winners has already been given twice, I
will only add those missed...

The winner of the brewery competition was Geoffrey dei
Bastone from Smythkeepe, the winner of A&S was
Cassandra de Skardeburgh with her embroderied gloves
(which were absolutely gorgeous!), and the Kenning
Contest winner was Baron Robert Fitzmorgan... ask him
to see his new Leprecaun :)

As for lost and found, we only found a black biker's
jacket, I have already contacted Derek to let him know
we found it and will get it back to him asap.  We also
found a pair of tennis shoes, a mug, and a bardic
notebook which my lord is threatening to make a copy
of as he fell in love with the songs in it. :)  In the
lost category, we were notified that a green camp
chair has gone missing, the owners initials are on a
tag on the back of the chair, as well as a light
fighter's gambison and white shirt.  If you find
either of these in your gear, please contact either us
or the list so that they can be returned.  As soon as
we get a report from our reeve, I will post a full
report on Margrave with full thank you's to everyone
who helped, and if I miss anyone I apologise in
advance.  Special thank you's go to Kelandra for the
absolutely wonderful feast... I agree with Ainar, if
you left hungry, it was your own fault.  Also a
special thank you to Lynn for the delicious honey
oatmeal bread... Lynn, when you publish that cookbook,
I will buy a copy!  As it is, I have several people in
the group wanting to know if you take orders!  Also,
special thanks go to Baron Ainar and Baroness Mercedes
for their help with Margrave and their continuing
support of our group.

In Service to the Dream,

Lady Elizabeta
Seneschal of Rundel

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