[Northkeep] Margrave/Vormund VIII

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Well this year we had a wonderful turnout for all the events.  We had 10 fighters in the Chivalric list, 12 fighters in the Rapier list, 18 archers, I am unsure of how many competed in the KAS competition but it was a bunch.  That all being said these were the winners.
Randel Lee of Northkeep won the Margrave championship going undefeated for 5 rounds in the swiss five.
Lord Regne from Smythkeepe won the most fights in the Vormund tourney.
Gassion from Eldern Hills won the Title of Vormund.
Crimthonne won the Archery competiton
Serena from Northkeep won the Bardic.
Eirerk Bloodaxe, I think I have that spelled right, won the  Knife Axe and Spear competition.
Olivia de Calais won the Youth Margrave with almost a clean sweep of the competition.  She has much loot now.  Ask her to show off :)
Jason from Smythkepe won the Childrens Margrave.
A&S was won by Cassandra from Wiesenfeuer.
I think that pretty much got all of them.  If I missed someone I am sure someone will let me know.
Thanks again to everyone that showed up and helped make the event a wonderfull thing.  If you missed it you missed a good one.
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> So who were the Champions at Runedell this year?
> Angus.

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