[Northkeep] Margrave/Vormund VIII

Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Mon Nov 18 09:01:53 PST 2002

>So who were the Champions at Runedell this year?

I knew I had written it somewhere and in rereading my post, realized it was
in my Saga report.

Ones from Northkeep,
Margrave-Randal Lee

Vormund-Gaushon (sure I butchered it, from Eldern)
A&S-Same person who won at Wiesenfeur Baronial (I think)
mention-Don Timothy for his gauntlets and Masamune, Catin and Anaka for the
arrows, quiver and other archery accoutrements.

Kit told me the other, they were after I left,
Children's Margraves
Childrens-Jason from Smythekepe
Youth-Olivia de Calais

Hope I didn't butcher names too much,

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