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Sat Nov 23 18:01:33 PST 2002

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zubeydah wrote:
>Thank you, that calendar page helps a lot. I appreciate it.
>I have great difficulty _driving_ long distances, so anything over about 2
>hours gets me twitchy and phobic. :-(  Does the Barony have any kind of
>carpooling? I've got a car I'm happy to provide, I just can't be at the
>wheel for the full span of the drive.

The calendar page helps alot and another way to focus on activities that
are in easy driving area is to watch the Northern Regional page, although
it doesn't always have the event listed, just checked and it doesn't have
Nov or Dec up, but this is the address, http://northern.ansteorra.org/

As to other kingdoms, there are several groups in Meridies and Calontir
that have things within your driving distance.  Marc has a good listing of
groups and their driving distances off of the main Northkeep page,

It would be great if there was a list of those in this tri-kingdom could
keep up with the various near groups events.  It was mentioned recently on
the Grimfells list that we on the edges of the kingdom tend to be drawn
into the center of our kingdoms and forget how near the others are.  In a
quick search, this is what I found.

Calontir's Calendar is http://calontir.sca.org/calendar.html
    * Chrystal Mynes just had their Myner's Fest, they are centered in Joplin
    * Grimfells recently had Blood of Heros (a must go) and will have March
Warden next May, they are centered in Fayetteville.
    * Bois D' Arc just recently hosted Caloncon and I didn't see any other
events listed on their page, they are in the area of Kansas just north of us
    * Vataiva is in Witchita and here are their past events,
    * Kris Kinsor will be up in Kansas City on December 14th, it will have
lots of classes, this is about a 4 hour drive, so a good one to share ride
with someone.
In Merides, http://www.meridies.org/calendar.htm
    * Smythekepe is in Fort Smith and they have A Midsummer Knight's Dream
X August 30-September 1, 2002 scheduled for next year.
Hope this helps some,

Susan the Curious
Barony of Northkeep
Susan-the-Curious at swbell.net

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