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Zenobia Mira Vallis VivatTheDream at cox.net
Sat Nov 23 10:22:23 PST 2002

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You're welcome!

I know that some people like to carpool.  Just post to the list which events you want to attend, and ask about people who want to share driving chores.  There are usually at least a couple of people with cars on the fritz.

Yes, there is a populace meeting on Monday.

That tribal garb you wore to populace a few months ago would be great for the hafla.  And I still have some garb I owe you for the drum (which has become one of Zaina's favorites, by the way).

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  Thank you, that calendar page helps a lot. I appreciate it.

  I have great difficulty _driving_ long distances, so anything over about 2
  hours gets me twitchy and phobic. :-(  Does the Barony have any kind of
  carpooling? I've got a car I'm happy to provide, I just can't be at the
  wheel for the full span of the drive.

  And thank you for the reminder about the Hafla.. not sure I'll be brave
  enough to dance, but if I can get appropriate garb made by then, I do want
  to attend.

  Is there a Populous meeting coming up this monday?

  - zubeydah

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  > Zubeydah ~
  > Check out the Kingdom calendar at
  > There's Wiesenfeuer Yule Revel in December, and Tribute to Ansteorra in
  Eldern Hills in February.  Also War College in Wiesenfeuer in February.
  > Do you ever go to Calontir events?
  > It's not an official event, but there's also the Middle Eastern Bazaar and
  Yule Hafla that we're doing at Bombay Dining on December 14th, 11-3.  I hope
  you'll come and dance!
  > Zenobia

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