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>A decent set of knives would make chopping/slicing so much easier.
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>This is  a three-part request for information.
>(1) For those of you have who autocrated or worked a Northkeep feast or
>have acted as server coordinators, I'd like to pick your brains for
>information. I believe out Northkeep kitchen needs a few things to make
>easier to do a feast from our kitchen gear. ... such as: pot holders,
>stainless steel bowls, nice serving trays, etc.
>What do you think we need?
>(2) We need to compile a cheap food resource for future feast autocrats.
>you have cheap/free food resources in the general area that we can
>into a usable resource for future Northkeep feast autocrats?
>(3) If you've autocrated or worked any feast and have some tips to help
>it easier for others to do that, please give your tips and hints so we
>also compile those into a resource.
>If you guys will send me any info or ideas you have on these subjects, I
>will compile a list and do a budget for possible purchasing of needed
>kitchen equipment, and compile into usable resources the cheap food
>resources and  the feast hints and tips.
>Please do not post your replies to the list; send them to me privately
>so we
>won't take up Northkeep band width.
>Thanks. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.
>Lynn the Inquisitive
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>Northkeep mailing list
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Greeting this is Hatur
Their is a place here in Prague okla. to buy meat, on the first week of the
month they have a large meat sale.
  I have bought meaat here for cooking for the KAF and other large cook outs
that I aahave done in the past.
Some times you can get polish sausage for as low as 4.99
for 10 lbs or other meat such as pork ribs for .99 a lbs
Just some info if you need any help let me know as I have a freezer and can
puchase in advance and can store it .

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