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Hatur --

This sounds like a great resource. What is the name of the place and the
contact info -- you know phone, address, etc. Also, have you been working
with someone in particular or is it a public sale?

Thanks for your help.

 Lynn the Inquisitive

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> Greeting this is Hatur
> Their is a place here in Prague okla. to buy meat, on the first week of
> month they have a large meat sale.
>   I have bought meaat here for cooking for the KAF and other large cook
> that I aahave done in the past.
> Some times you can get polish sausage for as low as 4.99
> for 10 lbs or other meat such as pork ribs for .99 a lbs
> Just some info if you need any help let me know as I have a freezer and
> puchase in advance and can store it .
> Hatur
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