[Northkeep] directions and chocolate

beth hansen beth at stormreaver.net
Fri Nov 29 11:36:25 PST 2002

Thank you very much, sir! Those specific directions were very very helpful.
Would it be possible for something like that to be added to the Northkeep
website, for new folks to reference? A lot of times, sites are referred to
by various names that unless you've been in for a while, can be somewhat

Another question, and this may be a silly one, but... when it comes to dry
site / wet site... does alcohol in cooked items count? (I made Gentleman
Jack Dark Chocolate Truffles to bring as part of the potluck feast/luncheon
for tomorrow, and wasn't sure if they were okay since there's alcohol in
them... as a back up plan, I have a pie and cookies and a main dish of
Taboule as well...)  Also, at this site, is there refrigeration? I don't
want the chocolates to melt before the feast is served...

- zubeydah

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