[Northkeep] directions and chocolate

Stephanie Drake steldr at cox.net
Sat Nov 30 05:30:29 PST 2002

No, there is not refrigeration at the site.  And dry site pretty much refers
to alcohol to drink - although there are some church camps out there that
might argue that.

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> Thank you very much, sir! Those specific directions were very very
> Would it be possible for something like that to be added to the Northkeep
> website, for new folks to reference? A lot of times, sites are referred to
> by various names that unless you've been in for a while, can be somewhat
> confusing.
> Another question, and this may be a silly one, but... when it comes to dry
> site / wet site... does alcohol in cooked items count? (I made Gentleman
> Jack Dark Chocolate Truffles to bring as part of the potluck
> for tomorrow, and wasn't sure if they were okay since there's alcohol in
> them... as a back up plan, I have a pie and cookies and a main dish of
> Taboule as well...)  Also, at this site, is there refrigeration? I don't
> want the chocolates to melt before the feast is served...
> - zubeydah
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