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Niewoehner, Hugh hughn at SSD.FSI.com
Tue Apr 15 10:57:03 PDT 2003

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OK...Ansteorra likes to brag about it's "Dwarves", etc.   Here's a
competition for you.

The Barony of Three Rivers presents

* * * * The BIG Competition * * * *

Have you ever built something BIG?  Have you ever wanted to?

Have you ever been part of a BIG project?  Have you ever wanted to?

Then this could be the Lilies competition for YOU!

* What's Something BIG? *

Perhaps a pavilion!  Or a siege engine!  Or a longship!  Or a spring pole
Or a fortification!  Or even a full sized replica of Notre Dame!

Okay that last one may be more than just BIG - But if it's a pain to pack,
there's a good chance it's Something BIG!

* What's a BIG Project? *

Anything that involves the work of a bunch of people.

Perhaps a dress sewn by one person, from fabric woven by another, from
thread spun by another, with embroidery done by another! Or a gazillion
arming caps, or falcon tabards, or bars of soap made for the Crown by a
large number of people!

If more than 3 people were involved - it might just be a BIG Project

* The Categories: *

Something Big - Made on Site
Something Big - Made off Site
Big Project - Made on Site
Big Project - Made off Site

* Questions? *

Ask Baroness Meredydd (Baroness at ThreeRiver.org)
or Conde Fernando (Fernando at Vigil1.com)

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