[Northkeep] feast cooking equipment needed for crown tourney

LRA lra at olpdsl.net
Wed Apr 9 13:33:29 PDT 2003

Hi guys,

As most of you know, crown tourney is just around the corner (the weekend of
May 2-4) and it is at a new site for us. The site is quite lovely and
perfect for out needs.

The only kink in that is the minimal cooking equipment at the site. I'm
afraid we have become quite spoiled using the Will Rogers Boy Scout Camp
site with it's large kitchen full of cooking implements (pots, pans, etc.)
and dishes and such.

Unfortunately, the crown tourney site has only a couple of large pots and a
few pans, and relatively no cooking implements (such as large cooking
spoons, spatulas, etc.). And we have an enormous number of people for feast
(200--at a crown tourney -- amazing, isn't it?).

So.... we need to borrow your LARGE cooking implements for feast cooking,
please. When I say large, I mean 5 gallon or larger size and spoons & such
to fit the size. Please mark your items so they can easily be returned to
you. (Please remember, these items will be cooked with and then washed, so
your markings need to be heat and water resistant.) An engraver will be on
site if you wish to use it to mark your equipment.

We also are in need of serving bowls. These bowls would be the size that
would serve 6-8 people (large home-serving size). Please mark these as well
(on the bottom, please) with some sort of water-proof marking.

I will be in the kitchen cooking beginning Friday, so I will need cooking
stuff as soon as you get on site (or before, if possible). Serving items can
be loaned on Saturday, just stop by the kitchen.  All items will be returned
to you after feast clean up.

If you can let me know ahead of time what you have to loan and when you will
be on site, I would appreciate it.

Your help will be greatly appreciated. (And speaking of help -- kitchen help
is still needed for cooking, serving and clean up. Please let me know if you
can help out in any of those areas.)

Lynn the Inquisitive
LRA at olpdsl.net

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