[Northkeep] three questions...

Beth Hansen Beth at stormreaver.net
Thu Apr 10 06:10:59 PDT 2003

1) When does the Scribal Guild meet?  And does it include hands-on-teaching
of technique? And how the HECK do you get the paint to lay down smoothly and
not look all ... stripey? :-( (My first couple scrolls turned out .. okay...
these last two have been shredder-food.)

2) Does anyone in the Barony make pottery? I have finally convinced my
sweetie to come to an SCA event, and it will be Crown. We have feast
reservations, and I'd rather not break out the Tupperware in front of the
royals. :-) Would like to purchase a nice, period place setting for each of
us. (Other suggestions for period feast ware would be welcome, too.)

3) Amanda, please put me down for two feast reservations for Castellan. :-)
Zubeydah (Bethany Hansen) & Abe (Darren Vann)


- Zubeydah

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