[Northkeep] three questions...

Maleah baroness_maleah at cox.net
Thu Apr 10 12:28:45 PDT 2003

Zubeydah wrote:
> 2) Does anyone in the Barony make pottery? I have finally convinced my
> sweetie to come to an SCA event, and it will be Crown. We have feast
> reservations, and I'd rather not break out the Tupperware in front of the
> royals. :-) Would like to purchase a nice, period place setting for each
> us. (Other suggestions for period feast ware would be welcome, too.)

We are not from Northkeep but Spanghollow Pottery is at your service for
very reasonable fees.

Cruel driver of spangs, potters and other things silly enough to volunteer
(did I pull it off? think they'll believe the cruel part?)

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