[Northkeep] three questions...

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How funny. You're ears must be burning -- I had just mentioned your name on
the list in connection with the pottery request. Then Mercedes chimed in as

Hope you get orders.

Lynn the Inquisitive

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> Zubeydah wrote:
> >
> > 2) Does anyone in the Barony make pottery? I have finally convinced my
> > sweetie to come to an SCA event, and it will be Crown. We have feast
> > reservations, and I'd rather not break out the Tupperware in front of
> > royals. :-) Would like to purchase a nice, period place setting for each
> of
> > us. (Other suggestions for period feast ware would be welcome, too.)
> >
> We are not from Northkeep but Spanghollow Pottery is at your service for
> very reasonable fees.
> Maleah
> Cruel driver of spangs, potters and other things silly enough to volunteer
> bwaaahhaaaaahaaaa
> (did I pull it off? think they'll believe the cruel part?)
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