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Acctually, I like to see what people have as
place settings. Because I've seen some really
nice ones and I recall that when I went to my
first feast it was something I really noticed.
So, I don't think it's silly at all. :)


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I've been thinking about my many options for
feastgear, and am really hoping
to find an option that, while moderately
affordable, will last for a long
time and that I can set a place at a table in
the presence of Royalty that i
needn't be embarassed by. I know that may sound
goofy, but... I want
something that looks _nice_... that my beloved
can be proud of, too. :-)

We have a couple of wooden bowls, but it
doesn't doesn't say, 'Court Feast'.

Reading back, I hope this doesn't sound snobby
or anything... I just want to
do things _right_ for his first event. And I
know its silly to think of
placesettings, since that's not generally
something guys give a darn about
("plates? what? huh? Pass the biscuits!")...
but ...  still...



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