[Northkeep] Re: Scribal question was three questions...

Tamberlin tamberlinofnk at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 10 18:40:04 PDT 2003

Your first tries that I saw were rather good!!!  What
brand of gouche are you using?  That can sometimes
matter.  also for watering mine I keep a thick inky
consisty and use little strokes and am generous with
the paint.  I know Rosamund's a really good person to
ask questions of.  She's the person who got me into
scribal in the first place & is quite good.

Sorta on the topic I'm planning on having my scribal
stuff at Castallen & working on some scrolls.  I don't
currently have loaner stuff but others are welcome to
join me in the feast hall throughout the day.


--- Beth Hansen <Beth at stormreaver.net> wrote:
> 1) When does the Scribal Guild meet?  And does it
> include hands-on-teaching
> of technique? And how the HECK do you get the paint
> to lay down smoothly and
> not look all ... stripey? :-( (My first couple
> scrolls turned out .. okay...
> these last two have been shredder-food.)

:p :b :d :p :b :d :p :b :d :p :b :d :p :b :d

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