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Castellan is our annual championship event.  There will be tournaments to
determine our chivalric and reapier champions as well as contests for A&S,
Bardic, Archery and Thrown Weapons champions.  We also hold an overall
contest to choose a Castellan.  The event is the 30th of May through the 1st
of June at the Will Rogers Scout Camp in Cleveland (which is about 40
minutes west of Tulsa on Hwy 64).  I understand that the web page has just
gone up although I have not been able to look at it yet.  Go to
northkeep.ansteorra.org and follow the Castellan link.

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Well, as a newbie to Ansteorra and Northkeep, could someone please tell me
what/when/where about this Castellan event?  Sounds like everyone knows what
your talking about but me!
Lady Annis

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