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As ever brother Ian, you are just so well organized and extremely helpful.

Lynn the Inquisitive

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> Greetings all,
> Well I thought that people would like to know where we are in working on
> new list field. Everything is progressing nicely. I have the Rebar and it
> has been cut to length. Monday or Tuesday I will have the angle iron, but
> will need to be cut and the whole lot will need to be ground for burrs
> All that will remain then is welding the parts together, and painting the
> whole part with rustoleum.
> The pole covering crenellated flags have been cut out and distributed to
> various ladies in the Barony for sewing together. My hope is that all the
> parts can be finished and brought together at populace meeting on the
> Some time over the next week we need to get together with those who were
> going to do the welding and grinding...if you let me know what day would
> good for you I will gladly meet you in Tulsa. with the parts. Would
> Wednesday night Fighter Practice be good? What ever or when ever let me
> and I will get the stuff to you. Also if you are going to need welding
> cutting blades etc...let me know what you need and I will have it brought
> along with the parts.
> A copy of the plans should be available from the Baronial Web site. If any
> of you  have any questions regarding the list field, or are working on
> of this and ran into any problems please let me know ASAP.
> Kind Regards,
> Laird Ian Dun Gillan
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