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Robert Stewart skerritheviking at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 22 17:58:49 PDT 2003

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In case anyone is interested, I did tents profesionally in seattle for 2 years, and I do them in the SCA now.  I can make one for someone, or if you want to save a couple bucks and do it yourself, give you detailed instructions on how to do it.

Montega Blackdragon <montega_blackdragon at hotmail.com> wrote:I went to have a look at those last night and my god, it was huge! LOL I
decided it was way too big for one person and it looked like it would take
one person a long time to put it together.


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>Connal & I got one of those for the home. They look great.. but arent best
>at keeping rain out of room & unfortunately poles bend alot of they are
>blown over..
>who had to pick theirs up last week after some strong breezes.
> >
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> >
> > Was at Wal-Mart today and bought something others might be interested
> > in. (Just searched the online site and it isn't listed there yet) It
>is a
> > Better Homes and Garden's Castle Peak Pavillion. It was $99 and is
>10X14 I
> > think. The fabric is a tan color and it has the crenelated (I think
> > is it, my herald in resesidence is visiting Namron) edges-or maybe that
> > dagged, and they are trimmed in a brown. The sides are on rods can be
> > around the post with a tie or zipped together. It has 6 posts and 6
> > sections, any of them can be closed at a time-giving you great
> > flexability. The support rods are a little over an inch in diameter and
> > are steel that is powder coated a darkish brown color with a texture to
> > much nicer looking than my other two pavillions. The guy at the store
> > he has put it up by himself, so it should be fairly easy to put up and
> > at events.
> >
> > The store I was in (for those in Tulsa, on Memorial around 43rd) had 20
> > so of them in stock, so they should be easy to find currently,
> >
> > Susan the Curious
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