[Northkeep] Crown Tourney Kitchen Help

LRA lra at olpdsl.net
Sat Apr 26 06:10:46 PDT 2003

Hi guys --

So, here we are less than a week a way from the start of crown tourney and I
have only a few people who have definitely said they will work in the
kitchen Friday and Saturday. I'm getting a little nervous.

As many of you know, we had originally planned for feast for 125, but there
were so many RSVPs, that we had to up feast to 200. So, we will need many
hands helping with preparations.

Please let me know if you will be helping in the kitchen anytime during the
weekend. If you can also give me approximate times -- so I can plan on when
stuff gets done -- I would appreciate it.

Please reply to me privately.

Thank you,

Lynn the Inquisitive
LRA at olpdsl.net

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