[Northkeep] garb question: Folkwear Cheesemaker's smock

Zenobia Mira Vallis VivatTheDream at cox.net
Mon Apr 28 08:00:03 PDT 2003

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If you don't find answers, email Kate Matthews at Folkwear - folkwear at bellsouth.net .  I'm sure she can help.

Have you seen the new Folkwear Book of Ethnic Clothing?  Gorgeous!!

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  Subject: [Northkeep] garb question: Folkwear Cheesemaker's smock

  Has anyone made one of the Cheesemaker's smocks using the Folkwear pattern,
  who might possibly be at Populace tonight? I have a couple of questions
  about construction that I could really use some guidance on... (Trying to
  make my sweetie some garb for Crown.)

  many thanks,


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