[Northkeep] OT-thoughts for our cat Monty

Susan O'Neal catmafia at direcway.com
Tue Dec 2 01:11:59 PST 2003

I hadn't sent this to the list, due to the off topic nature of it, but 
since so many of you know Monty I wanted to share.  He is the black and 
white Japanese Bobtail for those who don't remember him by name.

He is at the vets and is thought to have an aortic embolism, it disrupted 
blood flow to his hind legs.  They are treating him with blood thinners and 
think he should be fine, we bring him home in the afternoon.  We appreciate 
all thoughts and prayers, as you know with my animals-they are members of 
the family and I am missing him with him gone tonight.

Just wanted to let you know as he has so many friends in Northkeep,

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