[Northkeep] heavy weapons questions

OttokarLuther at aol.com OttokarLuther at aol.com
Sun Dec 7 12:49:36 PST 2003

greetings all 

As i am a relatively new heavy fighter i have a few questions that are either 
not made clear in the complete participants hand book or i have heard several 
people talking about with conflicting answers 

1: assuming that i have a free hand such as with single sword can i grab the 
shaft of a weapon such as a glaive or spear or the haft of a mace or the hilt 
and recasso (SP ?) of a great sword  in the complete participant hand book it 
states you may not grapple with an opponents blade or weapons head 

2: again assuming i have a free hand /arm can i use my arm to block a blow by 
bringing my forearm into contact with my opponents arm as he swings his weapon

3: can a free hand be used to move an opponents shield out of the way such as 
placing my arm/hand on the top edge of a shied and pushing down  and if this 
is posable may a person grab the shied edge and control the shield that way 

4 i understand that we are not allowed to punch or grapple an opponent but 
how about pushing or shoving or redirecting an opponent 

in our unofficial practice in Cheim Noir   i have found my self in several 
situations where the natural reactions were to do these kind of things and i am 
just looking for clarification so i don't get into bad habits that i bring to 
an official practice or tourny

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