[Northkeep] heavy weapons questions

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Sun Dec 7 23:02:06 PST 2003

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>>Subject: [Northkeep] heavy weapons questions
>greetings all
>As i am a relatively new heavy fighter i have a few questions that are 
>not made clear in the complete participants hand book or i have heard 
>people talking about with conflicting answers
>1: assuming that i have a free hand such as with single sword can i grab 
>shaft of a weapon such as a glaive or spear or the haft of a mace or the 
>and recasso (SP ?) of a great sword  in the complete participant hand book 
>states you may not grapple with an opponents blade or weapons head
>2: again assuming i have a free hand /arm can i use my arm to block a blow 
>bringing my forearm into contact with my opponents arm as he swings his 
>3: can a free hand be used to move an opponents shield out of the way such 
>placing my arm/hand on the top edge of a shied and pushing down  and if 
>is posable may a person grab the shied edge and control the shield that way
>4 i understand that we are not allowed to punch or grapple an opponent but
>how about pushing or shoving or redirecting an opponent
>in our unofficial practice in Cheim Noir   i have found my self in several
>situations where the natural reactions were to do these kind of things and 
>i am
>just looking for clarification so i don't get into bad habits that i bring 
>an official practice or tourny


Current Knight Marshal, Ld Angus Gunn can give you the proper answer to 
this.  I can give you an excellent reason to reconsider ever putting your 
hand out in such a posture.  Although it is not an officailly allowed 
target, a floating hand so to speak, out in the cold unprotected glare of 
rattan land (yes even with gauntlets on) can be a very painful thing.  I 
have the then Knight Marshal T'orgrem to thank for teaching me a great and 
useful lesson about that years ago and saving me the pain of a broken and 
shattered hand.  I pass the lesson on to you.  Especially in a melee 
situation, people are swinging what is essentialy a club at your body at 
high rates of speed with adreneline pumping.  If you put your hand out 
there, chances are fairly high it will get whacked in a most disturbing 
fashion.  There are "rules legal" methods of "redirecting" and blocking with 
your body without getting into a grappling situation.  That said, you will 
probably find that the effort is not always worth the outcome, so usually 
its better to stick to your skill with weapons.  If you value the use of 
your hands, I would keep them on my weapon or behind a shield and react to 
the situations you see with a good wrap or rising J shot.

just my opion though,


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