[Long] Re: [Northkeep] heavy weapons questions

Hugh & Belinda Niewoehner BurgBorrendohl at earthlink.net
Mon Dec 8 08:44:05 PST 2003

Alton made some good comments.  I'd like to add some.

> 1: assuming that i have a free hand such as with single sword can i grab 
> the shaft of a weapon such as a glaive or spear or the haft of a mace or 
> the hilt and recasso (SP ?) of a great sword  in the complete 
> participant hand book it states you may not 
>grapple with an opponents blade or weapons head
Unless they've changed it (again).  As long as your hand does not grasp 
an edge or striking surface this is allowed.  Most commonly seen when 
belly to belly with someone else using glaives.   But it's easy to make 
yourself an easy kill by doing it.  If you grab between you're opponents 
hands you've just created a pivot around which he can rotate and hit you.

> 2: again assuming i have a free hand /arm can i use my arm to block a 
> blow by bringing my forearm into contact with my opponents arm as he 
> swings his weapon

Bad, very bad.  This is the prime situation Alton was talking about. 
You're natural instinct is to open your hand wide and try to catch to 
opponents arm.  High speed rattan (or even an arm) will fold your thumb 
all the way back to your your wrist bones.  You can imagine the results.
I've had it happen.  Examine my hands sometime.  One thumb joint is 
noticably larger than the other due to perminant damage to the joint.

> 3: can a free hand be used to move an opponents shield out of the way 
> such as placing my arm/hand on the top edge of a shied and pushing down  
> and if this is posable may a person grab the shied edge and control the 
> shield that way

Same as above.

> 4 i understand that we are not allowed to punch or grapple an opponent 
> but how about pushing or shoving or redirecting an opponent

Now this one is a different story.  Nearly everybody does it.  You'll 
hear folks talk about "Belly bucking", etc.  My 6' glaive is stiff 
enough I can (and have) throw people if I get a good solid stance.  In 
bridge battles many are killed not by weapons but by being pushed off 
the edge.  (I'm hoping we can practice some of these at some of the 
upcoming sat. practices.

There is a traditional Norse tourney fought within a 6' diameter circle. 
  Think of it as heavy weapons sumo wrestling.  You can kill your 
opponent or move him out of the circle.  Either way is a win.  You just 
cannot grab your opponent directly.

I'm sure our KM will correct me if I've led you astray of the most 
recent rules variations.


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