[Northkeep] Shoe Class

Dawson, Lynne dawsonl at unionps.org
Mon Dec 1 12:26:41 PST 2003

Exactly. Diarmaid is never intentionally mean to anyone unless they
deserve his wrath. 
Fortunately, I haven't been on the receiving end yet. I actually
appreciate his quick wit, and knew what he was talking about in his
e-mail, since I've been working on my shoes for well over a year, and
they just are not getting done! Considering the length of time it's
taking me to complete my shoes, he's being extremely patient with me!


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>From: "Stephanie Drake" <sdrake at matrixservice.com>
>Now, now - he wasn't being deliberately mean - just ironic that the
>seem to be >conspiring against Marta in the shoe world.

Absolutely.   If I were being intentionally mean I'd be a bit more
about it :)


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