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Kathrine M. O'Neal ekaterina at
Tue Dec 2 07:04:20 PST 2003

  ])amon wrote:
So... to turn your question around...What time period interests you?  A
celtic personna could be structured for any timeframe covered within the
SCA's 600-1600 boundries.

Hello, friendly onomastician here. :)

I will tell you that if you want an authentic name/persona, you will
probably want to go with the later time frame...  There's a paucity of
extant pieces as well as information for Ireland especially during the first
800 years or so of our time period.  Also realize that for most of that,
both the Irish and the Scottish Gaels were Christian...  There are very few
cultures where being "openly pagan" is really the way to go.

But, if you're interested in those cultures, here are some of the best
places to look:

This is Quick and Easy Gaelic Names by Sharon Krossa...  Excellent for
either Irish or Scottish Gaelic names.

Kass McGann is an excellent source for information on Irish costuming, and
should be releasing her Irish patterns before too long...  There's a
pull-down side navigation thing that will allow you access to all of her
clothing information.

She also has information about making a better "t-tunic" under her Beginners
section that I am irrationally fond of.

Hope this helps (and feel free to ask me about anything name related),

Pomestnitsa Ekaterina

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