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james pyeatt soltrollslayer at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 2 16:36:17 PST 2003

well i dont know that much about the diffrent time s of celtic development ya goa t any ideas

Hugh Niewoehner <HNiewoehner at netscape.net> wrote:
"Celtic" could cover the entire period and much Europe.

The celts were in the central region of Europe during the expansion of the Roman Empire. (pre-period)

Googling "celtic migration" yields (among others):

National Center for migration studies. 

which leads to: 

Celtic Migration map (Sorry, it's in Gaelic):

Celtic peoples of the Brittany peninsula still draw linguistic, musical, and cultural associations to their kin in Ireland and Scotland. 

The Irish and Scott's have never ceased being 'Celtic'. Lord knows when they really began. 

So... to turn your question around...What time period interests you? A celtic personna could be structured for any timeframe covered within the SCA's 600-1600 boundries.


james pyeatt wrote:

>and im trying to figure out what to be in sca i want to be celtic  but i dont know what time period help please

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