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There's no _written_ rules about staying with one name/personna.  The problem comes in when you've been known by one name/identity for a long time.  If you change it's tough for people who've gotten used to calling you 'George' to remember..."Oh yeah, he's Fred now."

I know people who intentionally maintain several personna's.  They are however _very_ different.  Ex: Early Period Scandinavian vs. Late Period Italian.  If he's wearing woolens, simple tunics etc. it's Brom Blackhand.  If he's wearing ornate garb he's Salvatore.

But I heartily reccommend that you not complicate your life like that until you've started your core personna.  If you're not really sure what you want, take Daimaid's example, start with something simple and easily catagorized.  Within a year you'll find something that will cause you to really focus on a timeframe and specific nationality.  

There's a bunch more that could be said but it'd probably bore the list.  Contact different people directly at practices and meetings or if you read a email which makes you think a person might be able to help write them.  All of us have gone through this same question/experiment when we came in. 


james pyeatt <soltrollslayer at yahoo.com> wrote:

>cool i dint know ya could changed things like name and stuff after you picked one
>Marc Carlson <marccarlson20 at hotmail.com> wrote:
>>From: james pyeatt
>>well i dont know that much about the diffrent time s of celtic development
>>ya goa t any ideas
>Well, you might try something simple, and generic - say a Dublin Irishman
>around 950-1000 (the clothes can easily resemble the sort of Norse-ish garb
>around the Barony). Go for a simple name, like "James". Then go study the
>period. If you decide you don't like it, you can change to something else.
>You aren't bound to a single place or period unless you want to be.
>Marc/Diarmaid (originally from 1000, now from 1350ish or 1590s depending...)
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