Re: [Northkeep] im celtic wiccan  

Edward Candland ecandland at
Wed Dec 3 06:24:30 PST 2003

You've been given some good advice.  A couple of other points are, that if
you pick a time and place you like and from time to time want to play in
another time/place, you can. Some people like to keep their personas as pure
as possible, others pick a name and carry on as they please dressing and
acting in whatever period they wish at the time. That's entirely up to you.
Also if you haven't found it, is a great place for
info on names. They are on vacation atm, but there's still much information
on their site. If you go with a Gaelic name, some are easy to pronounce so
are not at all. If you pick the latter just be prepared to have your name
botched by everyone you meet. Good luck and have fun.

Fáelán mac Cathail

11th century Irish

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