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TSP?!?!?!?! EWWW!!! That could hurt someones'
skin if they are really sensitive! *shakes head
and sighs*

The oxy clean is a safer bet. It is not likely
to take the red out of the red fabric because a
mordant was used on the red fabric to keep the
dyes in in the first place (red dyes are however
very strong and so red fabric will keep bleeding
after several washes). The white fabric was not
treated the same it was only bleached. Therefore
without a mordant to hold in the red the oxy
clean should safely take out the color from the
white fabric without damaging the red fabric.

As always, test things first on an already
finished piece.

My 2 cents!

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TSP is a very strong detergent.  It is very good
at cleaning difficult stains like inks, paint,
and dye.  I'm not sure how colorsafe it is.  I
would try it on a test piece before I used
it.  However, Marta is right about Oxy-
clean.  We use it and it is great.  I'm pretty
sure it's colorsafe.


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