[Northkeep] OT: supporting Northkeep folks'

Danielle hegclan1 at valornet.com
Sun Feb 23 07:07:55 PST 2003

> I'm curious what retail businesses are run by, or employ, SCA people.
> Personally, I'd rather give my patronage and spend my dollars in means that
> can support my friends in the SCA, than otherwise, if its an option.
i won't tell you were chuck works because we hate the company so much we
don't even shop there. but i guess i could tell you he works for EZMart for
anyone who wants to protest/boycott. they are NOT good to their employees
and very bad at business in general.

however, he is VERY good at aut mechanics on the side and
we have a growing business:
with some neat display sword/knives, medieval style stuff etc.

i agree zubeydah. i'd rather patron fellow SCAers.

going thru a personna crisis =-]

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