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Mark D. Conklin N7XYO markdc at olpdsl.net
Tue Feb 25 20:39:15 PST 2003

I would be very pleased to help any of our good Gentle folke meet thier
MAJOR KITCHEN/LAUNDRY APPLIANCE needs.   I work at Hahn Appliance Center.
6540 E 41st, Tulsa (41st & Sheridan) 622-6262 Ext 25.  Please remind me at
you are a SCA from Northkeep and I will make sure you get the BEST deal in
Tulsa on your appliances..... ask Kat :)

Lord Marcus Quietly - Seller of "The Big Ovens" and other really nice stuff
MKA:  Mark Conklin

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> I don't know if this is an okay question to ask, since its sort of
> off-topic, but...
> I'm curious what retail businesses are run by, or employ, SCA people.
> Personally, I'd rather give my patronage and spend my dollars in means
> can support my friends in the SCA, than otherwise, if its an option.
> I've heard rumors that there are catering services, restaurants, and
> appliance stores where SCA folks work... without soliciting advertising or
> any assumption of SCA backing for them, is this information available?
> Personally, I'm looking at planning a wedding in about two years, and have
> no idea where to start... but would far rather give my business to SCA
> friends than otherwise.
> Zubeydah / Bethany
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