[Northkeep] Merchant info for River wars revised

Stacy Robinson katrenfitzgerald at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 14 08:58:06 PST 2003

Due to a few minor boggles the merchant information
has been revised a bit.

The Incipiant Canton of Rivers Run would like to
Invite you to attend the River War on Feb 21-23 2003
at Camp Cimmeron in Coyle OK.

Due to a discussion between our Baronial Reeve and our
autocrat I need to correct a couple of things from the
first post.

Unfortunatly unlike what was suggested in the first
post we will according to our baronial reeve have to
charge site fee for the merchants. Your small donation
will cover merchanting fees.

We will be setting up merchants inside the hall (upon
request) due to the time of year. So those without
pavillions will have a more wind proof way to sell
their wares. If you elect for hall space you will
still need to bring your own tables and will need to
be broke down by 4pm for feast, but are encouraged to
set up after court for a war style midnight madness

Please Contact Myself or Brigit Haddock if you have

In Service
Katren Fitzgerald
katrenfitzgerald at yahoo.com

Brigit Haddock
brigitsilverowl at yahoo.com

In Service to Crown and Kingdom

Katren Fitzgerald

Insipiant Canton of Rivers Run

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